Art of Immaculate Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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Harwood floor cleaning seems hard but it is the best way to get your floors to look visually appealing and sparkling clean. Just imagine entering a house, all tired, but the sense of clean floors makes you vibrant. How does it feel? Yes, we understand, this will feel absolutely amazing, therefore we are here standing right behind your back to help you with your hardwood floor cleaning.

There are multiple ways to clean your hardwood floors and we are here with our team to provide you with a beautiful and clean home with our tremendous hard work. Let’s delve into the realm of hardwood floor cleaning and make them ready for every festival.

What Do Hardwood Floors Refer To?

Hardwood floors are generally made up of hardwoods that are the kind of wood known for being strong and sturdy. The hardwood flooring gets its potency from the hard-and-fast structure found in these sorts of woods. However, hardwood is regarded for its sturdy structure which enables it to be more durable when compared to other flooring materials, including tiles or carpet.

There are several kinds of hardwoods available such as oak, mahogany, ash tree, maple, teak, or birch trees, and several others. Unlike independent housekeepers, floor cleaning companies are well aware of all the techniques to clean all types of flooring. So, make sure to seek their help.

Hardwood Floors

The hard surface makes hardwoods effortless to clean, maintain, and preserve over time because these floors are not absorbent or porous like carpets, where dirt can smoothly trap the fibres.
Basically, hardwoods come in two forms:

» Solid Hardwood

» Engineered Hardwood

Solid hardwood is assembled out of one portion whereas engineered hardwood incorporates multiple layers that are combined together.

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Pros of Hardwood Flooring in Homes

Let’s ditch the dust bunnies, and ignore the floor mop blues as polish hardwood floors have stepped in, whispering the timeless beauty, strength and durability, and low maintenance. Let’s unlock the secrets of a home that shines from the ground up. It’s time to discuss some important benefits of hardwood flooring in homes.

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1. High-end Appearance

Hardwood floors bring a high-end and luxurious feel to any space. The hardwood is a natural element in itself, bringing the tone of the Earth and adding a feeling of warmth.

High-end Appearance

This brings cozy and inviting components to your home. Getting hardwood floors is the best way to upgrade your space without going through an entire renovation.

2. Strength and Durability

As hardwood floors are made up of solid wood, it is unbelievably durable and strong, lasting many years. You must know that quality hardwood floors are manufactured, kiln-dried, installed, and finished to high standards. These floors are able to resist hefty foot traffic. Unlike carpet floors, hardwood flooring can’t fade as easily as other flooring styles and they look extremely beautiful for several decades. Cleaning these floors is extremely easy. However, if you feel stuck somewhere, you can seek help from the housekeeping services.

3. Low Maintenance

Hardwood cleaning is unbelievably easy to clean and requires low maintenance and upkeep. It is easy to clean dust and other particles from hardwood just by sweeping or vacuuming.

Low Maintenance

You just need to wipe up the stains and keep the hardwood dry, and congratulations you will have beautiful floors for several years to come.

4. Cost Effective

The initial cost of hardwood floors may seem costly, however, investing in hardwood floors is one of the best and actually a cost-effective option. You know that hardwood floors are easy to clean and are durable, so you don’t need to spend extra money and time in order to repair them again and again as these floors can last for generations.

5. Healthier Indoor Quality

The grout lines of tile and the fibres of carpet provide a perfect haven for dust, dirt, and other harmful microorganisms.

Healthier Indoor Quality

However, the surface of the hardwood flooring is entirely smooth which makes it easy and effortless to eliminate all the contaminants with a vacuum cleaner or with a small broom. With this, you will be able to maintain better indoor air quality in your house which will provide you with a healthy and best environment for you and your family.

Essential Steps for Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Are you struggling to clean your hardwood floors? Worry not as we have got you covered. By following the below-mentioned floor cleaning tips and steps carefully, you can clean your hardwood floors perfectly. Let’s discuss all these steps for hardwood floor cleaning in a comprehensive way.

Step 1: Sweep the Floors

Firstly, make sure to sweep the hardwood floors softly on a regular and daily basis. With this, you can swiftly get rid of all the minute particulates out of your hardwood floors.

Sweep the Floors

Sweeping the hardwood floors will help you to stay away from getting scratches or blemishes when you scrub or vacuum afterwards. Make sure to use a dustpan in order to clean up any debris that can get stuck on your hardwood floors.

Step 2: Vacuum the Wood Floors

After sweeping your hardwood floors and removing any sharp or bigger particles, you can jump on the next step of vacuuming your hardwood flooring.

Vacuum the Wood Floors

Well, vacuuming is one of the prominent housekeeping tools to clean your hardwood floors because it has the potential to suck up every sort of dirt and debris from hard surfaces without scratching them.

Step 3: Start Mopping the Floors

The next step is to mop your hardwood floors by using a hardwood floor cleaner. Apart from this, you can use a microfibre mop as they are gentle on the hard surface and are able to pick up a lot of dust. However, you should be sure and get a hardwood-safe cleaner that should not have to be too harsh on the hardwoods. There are a majority of wood floor cleaners that are found at grocery stores or retail stores.

Start Mopping the Floors

These floor cleaners are full of chemicals that have the potential to damage the hardwoods over time. You should be aware of hardwood cleaners that have a strong aroma as hardwoods don’t soak scents, so hardwood-safe floor cleaners generally don’t have any fragrance at all. If you choose to do it in an all-natural and environmentally friendly way, you are able to mix vinegar, warm water and a small amount of lemon juice in a bucket. Now with the help of DIY hardwood floor cleaner, mop your floors.

You should keep in mind not to soak the mop with too much water. You should make it damp in order to clean your floors as water has the potential to damage your hardwood floors over time.

Step 4: Use a Dry Mop

After cleaning your hardwood flooring, you need to mop the wood in order to remove all the excess moisture and debris that can be stuck in between the hardwoods after cleansing them.