Dry Cleaning Blankets and Comforters: Pros, Cons, and Is it Worth It?

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Have you ever wondered how to keep your favorite blankets and comforters clean? Many of us strive for a clean and inviting home environment. However, cleaning certain items, like comforters and blankets, can be confusing.

While these bedding items enhance the aesthetic of our rooms, and we may invest in their quality, keeping them clean can be a challenge. Traditionally, washing them in a machine seems like the obvious solution. But, evidence suggests that dry cleaning might be a better option for these household favorites.

In this blog, we are going to delve into the benefits and drawbacks of dry cleaning comforters and blankets, helping you decide if it's the right choice for you.

How Dry cleaning different from Machine cleaning?

The main difference between dry cleaning and different machine cleaning is the use of water and detergent. Machine cleaning uses water and detergent to remove dirt and stains. Whereas in dry cleaning, liquid solvents are used instead of water to clean clothes.

These solvents are designed to dissolve oil-based stains and dirt that water can't remove. The good thing about this cleaning method is that the blanket does not tumble or agitate as it happens in the washing machine.

Aside from this, the spin cycle is not present in dry cleaning. Also, all the dry-cleaned items such as blankets and comforters are pressed and steamed such that a new-like appearance can be created. Moreover, the dry cleaning service provider often provides a blanket that is dried, blocked, and folded in case you wish to store it during mid of the season.

Advantages of Dry Cleaning Blankets and Comforters

The next thing that might have crossed your mind, is why you should opt for dry cleaning for comforters and blankets.

Dry Cleaning Blankets and Comforters

What are the benefits that come with it? Below we have 7 of the many reasons why homeowners should consider using professional dry cleaners services.

1. Dry Cleaning Makes Your Bedding Look & Feel Better

Bedding doesn’t just help you keep warm but it’s an essential part of your home decor. Being put through a traditional type of washing machine and then tumbled for an hour or more in a hot dryer weakens fiber, which results in the development of rips, tears, holes, and snags as well as causes fading and other discoloration.

The spin cycle of the washing machine also stretches bedding out and leads to an uneven look. Dry-cleaned comforters and blankets retain a new appearance for far longer than their machine-washed and dried counterparts.

Moreover, comforters are quilts that often contain materials such as velvet silk and satin that should never be washed in water. Also, keep in mind that comforters and quilts often contain materials such as velvet, silk, and satin that should never be washed in water.

Wool blankets or the ones made with large amounts of wool will also suffer if washed in water. In such cases, dry cleaning plays a vital role.

2. Dry Cleaning Won’t Shrink Your Bedding

Another reason you should opt for dry cleaning and avoid using a washer and dryer to clean your bedding is that shrinkage inevitably develops due to the high temperatures required to do a proper Job.

Although using cold water in the washing machine prevents the material from shrinking, it also fails to get the object as clean as it should be. It is nearly impossible to get quilts and blankets dry while using the low heat setting on a conventional dryer.

Hanging them outside to dry on an old-fashioned clothesline can actually take many days before they are properly dry, which leaves the material vulnerable to infestations of mold and mildew colonies.

3. Gets Your Bedding Cleaner

Another benefit of choosing this cleaning for comforters and blankets is that it cleans the fabric of bedding down to fiber level, removing all dirt, dust, and assorted debris as well as removing stains.

Bedding Cleaner

You may not notice, but your comforter gets dirtier every night. Everyone loses moisture during sleep by sweating. Plus, skin flakes come off while you toss & turn. House dust mites survive on your skin flakes and live in your comforters, sheets, and pillows. Hence, it becomes important to have your comforters and pillows cleaned professionally every once in a while.

In comparison, washing machines usually aren’t able to remove much more than surface dirt and often achieve little more than simply sloshing dirt and debris around in the water. Blanket and comforter items are often too bulky for the average rinse cycle to be able to do their job.

4. Dry Cleaning Saves Your Home Appliances

Blankets, quilts, and comforters are generally too heavy and bulky for traditional home laundry appliances to handle regularly. And even just one washing can damage a washing machine if a heavy load somehow becomes unbalanced.

Many of us take our bedding to a laundromat that has commercial washing machines to save wear and tear on our own appliances, but this approach has many disadvantages. Not to mention, laundromats are not clean places, and in certain areas, you’ll have to watch your items closely to make sure they don’t disappear.

Thus, in such a case, when it comes to cleaning comforters and blankets, blanket dry cleaning near me can come in quite handy. They are often equipped with professional washing machines through which cleaning can be done efficiently.

In this way, the material quality of your item can be safeguarded and in the process, home appliances can be kept safe as well.

5. Quick Process

Professional dry cleaners can efficiently clean your comforters and blankets and return them to you within the preset deadline. If you want to clean your bedding within a single day, then hire one-day dry cleaners for the job.

They will work as swiftly as they can, yet make sure that they handle your precious clothing items gently and with due care to bring out the desired results. This way you will end up saving a lot of your time, even because sometimes you have to put your bedding in two full cycles in order to have it properly cleaned.

6. Dry Cleaning Will Prevent Allergies

Cleaning blankets or comforters using regular laundry detergent can be incredibly uncomfortable and can lead to skin allergies. In such a scenario, professional dry cleaners skip these harsh detergents for hypoallergenic benefits across the board.

It is also helpful when it comes to removing allergens, pet dander, pollen, and more.

7. Colours can be protected

You may have noticed this already, after several washes, the colors of quits and blankets start to vanish. Therefore, restoring them would become quite difficult and it won’t match your bedroom interior. In this case, you can opt for dry cleaning services to clean the blanket or comforters that would be one of the best solutions for you.

The colour shall remain safe and the blankets would perhaps also last for a long time.

What type of fabrics can be Dry-Cleaned?

Several types of fabrics benefit from dry cleaning to maintain their quality and appearance. Some of them are Rayon, Silk, Wool, Leather, Suede, and Linen. So, before handing out such items for cleaning, you must match the unique needs of each fabric.

type of fabrics

Also, some of the other things that you need to consider before opting for professional dry cleaning are:

  • Read the label on fabric to make sure that it can be used for dry cleaning
  • Don’t remove the stains on your own instead ask the same to your dry cleaner.
  • Check out for special repairs that are needed before you opt for dry cleaning
  • Do share any other instructions to a cleaner that might be present before sharing

What are the disadvantages of dry cleaning?

When it comes to the drawbacks of dry cleaning, there aren’t really many compared with washing them in the washing machine. But, for a few people, the liquid solvent used in the cleaning process can be an irritant for their skin, much like some washing powders can irritate skin.

Another disadvantage of this cleaning technique is that most people don’t have dry cleaning facilities in their own homes, meaning they need the help of a professional laundry service.

Luckily, this is not a problem as you can find many nearest dry cleaners in most towns. Such as Ninjacare offers professional dry cleaning services including curtain dry cleaning, bedding dry cleaning, and garment dry cleaning in Delhi NCR.

Is Dry Cleaning Comforter and Blanket Worth considering?

Yes, blanket and comforter dry cleaning is certainly worth considering as it offers many benefits such as saving time, and energy, not shrinking your bedding, and quickly offering professional cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Comforter

Also, it’s pretty easy to contact and get in touch with the best dry cleaners near me such as Ninja Care. Just call us and our team will pick up the items you want to get dry-cleaned and deliver them to you at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a dry cleaner clean my comforter?

Ans. Yes, many dry cleaners offer comforter cleaning services. Comforters can be large, and bulky, and require special care, so giving them to a professional dry cleaner can be a convenient option. They usually have the equipment and expertise to effectively clean and maintain comforters.

Q. Is dry cleaning good for blankets?

Ans. Yes, dry cleaning is good for blankets because dry cleaning doesn’t shrink your bedding, saves your home appliances, and ultimately makes blankets look and feel better.

Q. How much does it cost to dry clean down a comforter?

Ans. The exact cost of dry cleaning a down comforter can vary depending on several factors including size, location, and what dry cleaning you’re choosing. However, the average cost of dry cleaning a down comforter ranges from ₹300 to ₹600 in India.

Q. Is it better to wash or dry clean the comforter?

Ans. Dry cleaning is a better option to clean the comforter in comparison to washing it. The dry cleaning method is more gentle on fabrics as it does not use water. The fabric expands when exposed to water, but shrinks once the water evaporates. This constant stretching results in warp and wear out certain materials, like silk and down.


By: Pragya Chauhan

Tue, Mar 12, 2024

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