Preventing Post-Holi Stress with Deep Cleaning Services

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Holi, the festival of colors, is just around the corner. While many people enjoy playing with colors during this vibrant celebration, the thought of cleaning up afterward can be daunting. Throwing away clothes worn during Holi is a common practice, but the same can't be done for walls, floors, and other furniture.

Instead of worrying about the cleaning process before all the fun, consider exploring solutions like deep cleaning services to ease the post-Holi clean-up. But do you really need to hire them? What can these professionals do for you after the Holi celebration? Are they worth hiring?

Keep reading as we’ll reveal the tips and tricks of a perfect home cleaning post-Holi celebration and if hiring a professional deep cleaning service can really make a difference.

Tips to Clean Home After Holi

After the Holi celebration, there are high chances you’ll first try some home cleaning remedies to remove Holi colors from different spots in your home.


While we aren’t sure if the following tips to remove colors will actually solve your problem, you can try them of course to check the results:

1. Don’t use Water to Clean Wet Holi Color Stains

The first thing that you need to avoid is removing Holi colors such as the strains of Gulaal with water since it can set the stain. Colors ab often be easily wiped out using a dry cloth or duster.

2. Remove the Stains Immediately

The second tip on how to clean Holi colors inside your home is to take immediate action. Leaving these color stains unattended will make them stubborn and hard to remove, and will actually demand hours for cleaning. So it’s best to clean them as soon as the celebration ends.

3. Use a Sponge or Cloth

If the floor has wet color stains, you must soak the stains using a sponge or a wet cloth. After that try deep cleaning by scrubbing it using an effective detergent or stain remover.

4. Try Nail Polish Remover

For wooden furniture messed with Holi colors, you can try applying nail polish remover.  Simply dap a piece of cotton in nail polish remover and then rub it on the stained furniture. You can also use a toothbrush or earbud to apply the nail polish remover solution to the area of the wall stains. Wipe gently and don’t put too much pressure because the wall paint may also come off.

5. Try using Baking Powder Paste

To remove the Holi stains from your doors and windows, you may try a paste of baking powder and water. While there is no surety of the total removal of Holi colors, this tip may fade them away to a great extent.

Why hire a Professional Deep Cleaning Service

Although the above-mentioned five tips may help you in removing holi stains, one thing is clear, it will take a lot of time and effort.

Professional Deep Cleaning Service

Why waste both, when you can easily hire professionals to help you deep clean your house? You can book these deep cleaning services for cleaning specific areas of your house that got messy with the Holi colors. If needed, you can even hire them for a full home cleaning to retain the clean look of your house.

These experts will offer exceptional residential cleaning services for houses of all types and sizes. On that note, let’s have a look at a few advantages of booking a house deep cleaning service.

Benefits of Deep Cleaning Services

Here are some of the top reasons for why, it’s best you to hire a deep house cleaning service after the Holi party:

1. They will Save Your Time

The biggest benefit of hiring a professional deep-cleaning service after the Holi celebration is that it will help you save time that you can utilize elsewhere. If you try to do it yourself, you will end up wasting hours, but with these professional deep cleaners at your side, you get to save time with assured results.

2. They will Your Save Efforts

Not only you can save time, but with deep cleaning services, you can also save a lot of effort that will go wasted in cleaning the house by yourself to remove those tough color stains. But, if you choose to go with experts for the same, you get the best results without much effort.

3. You’ll get Effective Results

We have been also told that by hiring professionals to clean your house post-Holi, you will get perfect results. Because these professionals master the art of reducing, if not removing these tough (sometimes stubborn) stains from your house interiors.

4. They only use Safe Chemicals

All the reliable deep cleaning companies only use organic or 100% safe chemicals to clean your house during such services. So, you don’t need to worry as there is no risk of suffering from any allergies after a home cleaning service.

How will Professional Deep Cleaning Services remove Holi colors?

Having said that you can hire a professional home cleaning service to remove Holi stains in your house is not enough.

Cleaning Services

Let’s dig deeper to understand how these professionals deal with Holi colors from your house walls and floor tiles. Here are the primary methods followed by professional deep-cleaning service providers:

Step 1. Dry Vacuuming:

This is the first step involved in a home deep cleaning service. In dry vacuuming, the professionals clean the house with dry dusting. They do this to remove dry Holi colors and other first and dust from your house.

Step 2. Wet Vacuuming:

The second they follow in a home cleaning is wet vacuuming. In this step, experts attempt to remove wet Holi stains from your floors and wall tiles. All efforts during wet vacuuming are to clean the Holi stains from everywhere inside your home.

Step 3. Stain Removal:

The third and most important step in the possess of cleaning Holi colors from the house interiors after Holi in a professional cleaning service is stain removal. The professionals use 100% safe and effective chemicals to remove the tough Holi color stains to the best of their ability.

Step 4. Floor Scrubbing:

To remove the stains left on the floor after a celebration, cleaning experts also indulge in floor scrubbing. The aim here is to regain the lost shine and stain-free look of your flooring. Although, they do not guarantee the removal of all types of stains, they will try their best.

Step 5. Final Mopping:

The fifth and final step in home deep cleaning services is to mop the floors and walls after removing all the color stains. After this essential step, you are left with a clean, fresh, and stain-free home to live in with satisfaction.

How to choose the right Deep Cleaning Service

Now that you know how a deep cleaning service works, ultimately giving you a clean and stain-free space, choosing the right provider becomes vital.

stain-free space

Let’s have a look at these 6 tips that will help you find a perfect cleaning service provider for cleaning post-Holi stains:

1. Identify Cleaning Needs

Before you begin searching for a “deep house cleaning service near me,” it is important to determine your specific cleaning requirements to guide you in choosing the right provider. Ask yourself questions like, Do you need deep cleaning, regular/standard cleaning, specialized cleaning, or just a one-time cleaning?

By knowing your cleaning needs you can narrow your options and find a service that really meets your expectations.

2. Check the Company's Reputation

Once you have a clear picture of what services you want, research some top companies’ reputations. Do they have a good online presence, like a website, app, or social media account? You can start by checking their online reviews, social media profiles, and ratings. This will give an idea of how other clients have experienced their services.

You can also ask for referrals from friends, family, or colleagues who have used cleaning services.

3. Ask About Their Services

Once you have a few reputable cleaning services in hand, it’s time to contact them and ask about their services. Some cleaning services offer basic cleaning services like dusting and vacuuming, while others offer more comprehensive services such as deep cleaning, window washing, and laundry.

Don’t forget to ask about their service offering and if they have any additional fees or charges. A few cleaning companies like Ninjacare provide services and pricing on their website to enable you to make an informed decision.

4. Inquire About Their Staff

Asking about cleaning services staff is an essential factor to consider. Ensure that the company employs trustworthy, reliable cleaners who are thoroughly trained, verified, and insured. Ask how they hire, background checks, and training programs to get an idea of the quality of their staff.

Ninjacare runs a rigorous verification process when hiring employees, so you don't worry about getting an insured, efficient, and trustworthy cleaner.

5. Confirm Their Availability and Flexibility

After inquiring about their staff, make sure to check the selected company’s availability and flexibility. Ask whether they are available on the days and times that work best for you. Also, ask if they have a cancellation or rescheduling policy in case you need to change your cleaning schedule.

It's vital to choose a service that can work with your schedule and accommodate any changes or adjustments that may arise.

6. Request a Quote

At last, request a quote from the cleaning service. Ask for a detailed breakdown of the pricing and if there are any additional fees or charges. Once you have quotes, compare pricing from different companies to find the most cost-effective option that meets your cleaning budget and needs.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning the home after the Holi Celebration can be challenging for anyone but if you’ve professional deep cleaners, then it can be done in quite an efficient way. Ninja Care can provide you with the best deep cleaning service in Delhi NCR after the Holi celebration. For more information, feel free to contact us.

In case you’re just ready for them, follow the tips that have been mentioned above to have a fresh and clean home.

FAQs on Deep Cleaning Services

Q. How to clean the floor after Holi?

Ans. To clean floors after Holi, you can use a mixture of water and mild detergent to wipe down surfaces. Remember to avoid using abrasive cleaning products as they can cause damage to certain surfaces. For stubborn stains, you can use a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water, or a specific stain remover.

Q. How do you remove Holi color from the carpet?

Ans. To remove the Holi color from the carpet, you can use vinegar or lemon juice for some time and then wash it with clean water.

Q. Is hiring professional deep cleaning services really worth considering?

Ans. Yes, hiring a professional deep cleaning service is worth considering as they help you save time and money in the long run. By using the right cleaning technique they prevent damage to your property, saving you money from costly repairs and replacements.


By: Pragya Chauhan

Wed, Mar 06, 2024

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